Monday, January 5, 2009

Bringer of bad news...

It seems I am always the bringer of bad news lately...things are going fine for us financially. Kit Cat is doing wonderful in school, and is doing great with her therapy. She loves going and it seems to be helping her get over the bad remembering spell she had recently. I go to the specialist this week, I'm nervous and anxious to go, and I really hope I get some answers at this appointment. Twister is in a terrible stage right now! He is an insane Mommy suck, I seriously have him stuck to me 24/7...he's always been a Mommy's Boy, but this is just absolutely ridiculous! He's with me all the time, as he has always been, but now I can't be out of his sight without him running after me calling my name!!! My son who has always been the easy and professional sleeper has suddenly turned and has been a terror to put to bed at night! I really hope this phase ends soon! He is doing great with his talking and with his GF diet! I think he may have finally grown a little bit. Someone at Walmart two days ago asked me if he was a year, he's 2 and almost 2months, just the size of a 1 year old. My nephew Logan is the same size, if not a little bigger, than Twister right now...Logan turned 1 on October 29th.

Our beloved pup Micky has cancer. We found out over Christmas and he had surgery to have a tumor removed, $1000 later we don't know if they got it all and he still needs more tests run, but we aren't going to put ourselves in financial strain to do it, so it's going to wait a couple weeks. He was doing well, but last night was really really bad. We also found out he has another chronic disease, but to know which again there are more tests that they have to run. $450 for the one cancer test to see what stage he's in, $500 for the one test to see if it's one chronic disease, and then $400 to see for the other chronic disease. It's absolutely insane the amount they charge. I now have even more sympathy for those of you in the US who have to pay for your own medical bills for yourselves let alone your pets!!! I don't know how you guys manage to do it!

The kids had a wonderful Christmas, I found it very stressful, it was just very busy with a lot of back to back events. And because of Allan I didn't get my shopping done until 2 days before Christmas which is NOT how I do things. He's the last minute person, I am normally done really early so it made it really hard for me to relax at all because I was so worried I forgot something or wasn't going to get what I needed. New Year's was supposed to be my first time EVER doing anything on New Year's Eve. Unfortunatley though because the $1000 we spent on Micky on the 30th for his surgery we were not able to do anything. Next year I am 100% doing something on New Year's Eve. I know it's a lot of hype, but I have never done anything for it and it's something I really want to do. I want to go get a nice dress, go get my hair done, and go have fun ringing in the New Year! Not sit at my house or someone else's babysitting their kids. This year I was at my parents and babysat my nephews. Last year I was at my sister's and babysat my nephews there....I am definitely going to ring in 2010 in style, which may not happen because I wanted to be pregnant this year, but we'll see if that happens as well.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some things...

I seriously feel like our family can not catch a break. First, I want to apologize to all of my friends, especially you Anne, because I have been a terrible friend lately. Things here have not been easy at all.

At the end of the summer we got the most devastating news you can hear as a parent, that something is gone that you can never get back. We've been trying to cope with this and move on from it, but it has been hard. Just when things were finally getting to be "normal" again, we got another big cloud.

We found out as well that Twister has Celiac's Disease. Now instead of just him being gluten free, our whole house is. It's just not a chance (him getting glutened) that we can take. And it's healthier for us all anyways. It's just a big adjustment, and much more expensive! But, he is doing wonderful on the diet!

I have been feeling very exhausted lately. I thought it's just because I have 2 kids...and my toddler, Twister, is literally a twister. I had some more issues a couple weeks ago and went to the hospital to get checked out. My hemoglobin results were not good, my white blood cells were higher than my red. My iron was low. So I was put on iron pills. The issue persisted, and I was at the doctor every day that week having more tests arms look like I am a junkie with bruises and holes from all the needles I've been having. I found out on Thursday that I have numerous tumors. I go back to the doctor on the 3rd of November for more tests and will know after that if they are cancerous or not. Regardless of if they are or not, I require surgery. I have the choice to have a hysterectomy or myomectomy. The first would mean I can not carry anymore children. The second would remove the tumors, but they would come back, and I would require multiple surgeries...but, I could carry more children. I am remaining hopeful and positive through all of this. I AM going to have another child one day, so that choice is clear for me. And the cancer issue, well, I'll just deal with that when it comes. I haven't told KitCat anything. She doesn't need to know right now...and I don't even know how to begin telling her anything like this. She knows Mommy isn't feeling well right now because I am sleeping a lot...I am just tired all of the time. She came into my room last week and gave me a kiss and a hug, waking me up. I said what was that for, and she said "When I'm sick or hurt myself, you kiss me and give me a hug Mommy. And it makes me feel better. If I kiss and hug you maybe it will make you all better." It was the sweetest moment. I had to fight back the tears. I love her so much and am so lucky to have such a sweet child. I thought she was getting to the age when my kisses to "fix" owies was no longer believed in...she showed me the opposite.

I have been dealing with some other emotional issues as well, that I have had to keep hidden from almost everyone. I am not happy in my relationship and am considering leaving so that I can have true happiness. The whole thing is just very complicated, and my medical issues only complicate it further. I just don't know what to do about everything at this point in life and wish that God would just tell me the answers.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy day...

I have been quite busy today working, I got Caitlin's Halloween card for school designed...I love it! It's up on my business website. I also got a couple orders in late last night (checked this morning and they were there). One for a wedding and one for a birthday, I got both of them done today as well. I also designed my nephew's 1st birthday invitation today!

This morning there was a content sale right around the corner from my house...and this woman had FABULOUS stuff!!! It was her mother's actually, she is moving into a nursing home so getting rid of stuff. My girlfriend got an oak bedroom frame that was gorgeous, for only $150. I got my Dad's Christmas presents, an antique crock butter churn with lid, and an antique crock with parents are obsessive antique collectors. I spent $45 on those...she wanted $60, but I bargained her down. I found a rocking chair I really really wanted...and when I got home from going to help my girlfriend pick out her glasses, it was in my living room!!! Allan bought it for me! It's the stain of wood that I want to do our next baby's room in (the crib, dresser, etc.), and I am just so happy he thought of me and picked it up! I'll try to get pics of it tonight! Twister keeps climbing onto it and rocking himself singing "Rocka baby" over and over again lol It is absolutely adorable!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I PASSED!!!!!!!!! I now have my G1! Going driving tonight with Allan and the kids, and I'll be the one driving! :P

And I got some great pics of Kit Cat today, I have been in a great mood today despite everything going on, my license really helped with that! Here are the pics of Kit Cat from about 10minutes ago!

Wish me luck!

I'm off to write my driver's test this morning!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am so beyond angry at this point. I can't believe the lengths that some people will lie and how they will attempt to twist things to shift the focus off of themselves. I love my children and will ALWAYS do everything I have to in order to protect them, and so does and will Allan. Say anything you want about us as people, but to say anything about us as parents is just ridiculous. Some people just have extremely sick and twisted minds. In the end, they will have to answer to God and that is the one thing that I can have complete faith in.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Recent Changes

There have been a couple changes in our lives recently.

Kit Cat turned 5 years old on September 4th, I still can't believe that I am the Mom of a 5 year old! We had a small dinner party on her birthday, and she is having a horse back riding party with her friends at the end of this month. She grew 4 1/2 inches in the past year!!! She's my tall scrawny kid!

Twister grew only 1/4inch in the past year and has gained only 1/2 a pound. He is my little tough guy. In addition to his Soy diet, he is now on a gluten free diet. The adjustment to the soy was really easy for us, the adjustment to the gluten free diet not so much. I have to cook a separate meal for Twister each time that we eat, his snacks have completely changed...all the way around it is a lot more difficult. But, it means that his tummy feels better and I am not changing his diaper every 30mins, so that is much nicer! It hopefully means that he will grow and gain some weight as well. He's still wearing his 6-12month clothes. I have not had to buy him any clothing, he's wearing what he wore last summer and last fall, and still has room to grow in it all. His face looks much older, and he acts older, but still is the same size, it's nice to still have a little baby though!

Allan and I are going to be getting engaged soon! We were talking about October, but with the recent situation in our life we may put it off until November. Our plan is to get married in 2 years at the latest. I am looking forward to it! The only thing that I find difficult is that it means our having another baby is put off until after the wedding, which is long as we have no difficulties conceiving in a couple years.

Kit Cat started Senior Kindergarten and is loving it! She adores her teacher and her best friend is in her class as well. I applied for my police background check so that I can volunteer in her school. I found out this year that it is the school board's policy that any person volunteering in the school must have one done. Last year this was not enforced at all, which due to the recent situation I am not impressed with at all. But, thankfully they have smartened up and are being very strict with enforcing it this year. Mine should be in within the next couple weeks and then I'll be volunteering at her school to help with crafts and stuff in the classroom.

Another update is I got my eyeglasses!!! I can see again!!!! I am doing amazing at wearing them every day all the time as well! I am actually forgetting to take them off which is a change from the past! lol I have gotten in the shower with them on and then remembered, and gone to bed with them on and then remembered! Below are a couple pictures of me with them on, I haven't taken many pictures lately, so excuse the cowboy was from when we had a couple friends over for some drinks and they bought cowboy hats at the rodeo they were at that day. They were quite comfortable! One is of Allan and I, the other of my girlfriend and I.

Wednesday morning of this week my mother in law is taking me to go and write my driving test, so I will have my drivers license (well, assuming I pass) by Wednesday afternoon! I'm nervous because of the fact that it is a test, but anxious to finally get it over with!

And just because, here are a few pics!

Kit Cat & Meme (my Mom) baking cookies

Kit Cat eating a HUGE peach (it was pretty much the size of her head!)

Mommy, Daddy & Kit Cat at the campfire at Meme & Papa's

Kit Cat and Mommy at the fire (with Popple from Aunt Laura)

Daddy's Girl, Kit Cat & Daddy

Kit Cat

Kit Cat & her Uncle Danny

Happy to have a Happy Meal!

My beautiful girl....

There's a smirk!

The Birthday Girl ready for school!

Blowing out her candles!

The girls at the dinner party!

Twister on the train to go see Meme & Papa (and pick up sissy)

Twister & one of Kit Cat's babies

My babies at the park

Kit Cat and her baby cousin Logan

Twister helping Daddy wash the dishes

After helping Daddy wash the dishes (I love how he's looking at him!)

Playing with the hula hoop

Trouble maker climbed on the counter from the table, going into the cupboards! :S

My handsome shaggy boy ready for a hair cut!

Forget the dogs going into the kids food! Tristan is CONSTANTLY trying to drink the dog water! I had to take a pic before getting him out this time!

Fell asleep while we were eating dinner

Somebody's wide awake in the morning!

Kit Cat took this picture and I absolutely love it! Twister posed for her!

Can you say attitude?

Thinking he's going to get a piece of birthday cake....

No cake for him, but he gets his chocolate soy ice cream that he LOVES!

And I'll save the rest for later! I have way too many pics to share since it has been so long!