Monday, January 5, 2009

Bringer of bad news...

It seems I am always the bringer of bad news lately...things are going fine for us financially. Kit Cat is doing wonderful in school, and is doing great with her therapy. She loves going and it seems to be helping her get over the bad remembering spell she had recently. I go to the specialist this week, I'm nervous and anxious to go, and I really hope I get some answers at this appointment. Twister is in a terrible stage right now! He is an insane Mommy suck, I seriously have him stuck to me 24/7...he's always been a Mommy's Boy, but this is just absolutely ridiculous! He's with me all the time, as he has always been, but now I can't be out of his sight without him running after me calling my name!!! My son who has always been the easy and professional sleeper has suddenly turned and has been a terror to put to bed at night! I really hope this phase ends soon! He is doing great with his talking and with his GF diet! I think he may have finally grown a little bit. Someone at Walmart two days ago asked me if he was a year, he's 2 and almost 2months, just the size of a 1 year old. My nephew Logan is the same size, if not a little bigger, than Twister right now...Logan turned 1 on October 29th.

Our beloved pup Micky has cancer. We found out over Christmas and he had surgery to have a tumor removed, $1000 later we don't know if they got it all and he still needs more tests run, but we aren't going to put ourselves in financial strain to do it, so it's going to wait a couple weeks. He was doing well, but last night was really really bad. We also found out he has another chronic disease, but to know which again there are more tests that they have to run. $450 for the one cancer test to see what stage he's in, $500 for the one test to see if it's one chronic disease, and then $400 to see for the other chronic disease. It's absolutely insane the amount they charge. I now have even more sympathy for those of you in the US who have to pay for your own medical bills for yourselves let alone your pets!!! I don't know how you guys manage to do it!

The kids had a wonderful Christmas, I found it very stressful, it was just very busy with a lot of back to back events. And because of Allan I didn't get my shopping done until 2 days before Christmas which is NOT how I do things. He's the last minute person, I am normally done really early so it made it really hard for me to relax at all because I was so worried I forgot something or wasn't going to get what I needed. New Year's was supposed to be my first time EVER doing anything on New Year's Eve. Unfortunatley though because the $1000 we spent on Micky on the 30th for his surgery we were not able to do anything. Next year I am 100% doing something on New Year's Eve. I know it's a lot of hype, but I have never done anything for it and it's something I really want to do. I want to go get a nice dress, go get my hair done, and go have fun ringing in the New Year! Not sit at my house or someone else's babysitting their kids. This year I was at my parents and babysat my nephews. Last year I was at my sister's and babysat my nephews there....I am definitely going to ring in 2010 in style, which may not happen because I wanted to be pregnant this year, but we'll see if that happens as well.


Anne Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear about Micky! That is so hard. I really hopes that he gets better. I am glad that KitKat's therapy is going well. Keep me post about your appointment with the specialist. I wonder if Twister is being so clingy because of all the stress. I know that both of my kids get that way (especially buddy) when there has been high stress. I'm thinking about you:)

Little Mrs Sunshine said...

That is insane how much they are charging you with Micky :( I am so sorry I hope he gets better soon. I am glad you called earlier and hope we can talk more again soon. I have been thinking about you all day and praying for all of you.

BTW Emma is SUPER clingly lately too - its insane!! must be the age... I dont remember this with Joey but Emma is really really like a little leech lately ALWAYS on top of me - you arent alone!

oh and I totally hear you on the xmas shopping thing. I didnt get to buy gifts until today... but that is better then 2 days before xmas when everything is sold out!

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